Privacy policy

Data controller:

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment”, Reg. No. 40003374818, legal address: Vīlandes Street 3-6, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia.

The controller can be reached by telephone +371 67242411, or at the legal address.


General conditions:

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

The Privacy Policy applies for data protection purposes to natural persons – clients, third parties (contact persons, persons making payments, etc.), visitors of the controller's offices and premises, as well as visitors of the controller's website and callers to the controller's contact telephone, regardless of the form in which personal data is provided.

The controller processes personal data in accordance with requirements of the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (General Data Protection Regulation), the Personal Data Processing Law of the Republic of Latvia, as well as other applicable regulatory enactments regulating personal data protection.

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” undertakes to ensure the accuracy of personal data.

In case of objections of the data subject, SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” actively participates to solve the problems that have arisen. However, if this fails, the data subject has the right to turn lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of the Republic of Latvia – Data State Inspectorate.


Purposes of personal data processing

The processing of personal data by SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” is performed for the following purposes:

  • For personal identification;
  • Drafting contracts, as well as ensuring the fulfilment of contractual obligations;
  • Billing administration;
  • Planning, accounting, and reporting;
  • Statistics and business analysis;
  • For ensuring the security of information, information systems and the enterprise;
  • Data quality assurance;
  • For the provision of information to state institutions and subjects of operational activities in the cases and to the extent specified in external regulatory enactments;
  • Customer safety and company protection;
  • For other specific purposes about which the controller notifies in advance.

Legal basis for processing personal data

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” processes personal data on the basis of:

  • The necessity to comply with the requirements of regulatory enactments;
  • The need to ensure fulfilment of contractual obligations and the conclusion of new contracts;
  • Consent of the data subject to processing his/her personal data;
  • Legitimate interests of the controller (conducting business, fulfilment of contractual obligations, identification of persons, attraction and retention of customers, advertising of services, security of the company and prevention of fraud, administration of payments, improvement of the quality of services).


Duration of personal data processing

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” shall process the personal data of the data subject if at least one of the following conditions applies:

  • There is a valid agreement concluded between the controller and the data subject;
  • Processing the personal data is necessary for the original purpose of the processing of personal data;
  • Regulatory enactments require the storage of personal data;
  • There is consent of the data subject for processing personal data;
  • The contracting parties have the right to pursue their legitimate interests.


Data subject's consent to data processing and the withdrawal of consent. Access to personal data:

The consent of the data subject to the processing of his/her personal data is one of the legal bases for processing personal data. The data subject shall give his/her consent in writing. Written consent can be given in person at the office of SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment”, as well as remotely – by e-mail and via post.

The data subject may withdraw his consent at any time by contacting the controller. Withdrawal of consent prevents the controller from further processing personal data the processing of which is based on the data subject's consent, but it may not suspend the processing of personal data done on another legal basis.

Withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data shall not affect processing of personal data which took place while the subject's consent was in force.

The data subject may at any time request the controller to provide information on the processing of his or her personal data, i.e. the data subject may request the controller to provide access to personal data, request to rectify, supplement and/or delete personal data.


Cookie policy:

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” homepage may use cookies.

Cookies are files that websites place on users' computers in order to identify the user and make it easier for the user to use the website. Internet browsers can be configured to warn the website visitor about the use of cookies and allow the website visitor to choose whether he/she agrees to accept them. Not accepting cookies will not prevent a website visitor from using the website, however it may limit some functionality of the website. You can view and change cookie settings in the settings section of your web browser.

The controller's website may contain links to third party websites that have their own terms of use and separate rules for personal data protection for which the controller is not responsible.


Disclosing personal data to third parties:

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” may disclose personal data to third parties in compliance with requirements of legal acts.

SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” may disclose personal data to suppliers, subcontractors, strategic partners of SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” as well as to other parties who assist the controller and its customers in conducting business, in order to make the respective cooperation possible. However, in such cases, SIA “Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment” requires that the subjects receiving personal data undertake to process them in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments and only for the purposes for which the relevant data were disclosed.

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